All Streater Outdoor hunts are on private land with guaranteed landowner permits.

Rocky Mountain Trophy Elk Hunts:

  • Archery elk hunts start September 1. Rifle elk hunts start October 1, which is still during the rut. Bulls are mature, averaging 6X6, 300 Boone & Crockett, with a realistic chance of taking bulls in the 350 class. For the last ten years we have averaged a better than 90% shot opportunity.
  • Hunting is mostly by spot and stalk. We watch meadows, feeding areas, water holes and crossings. We also use bugles and cow calls to call the bulls to us, or get their locations for a stalk. The bulls will be bugling!
  • Hunts mostly happen in the early mornings and late afternoons. It is preferable to leave elk alone in midday, to minimize disturbance while they are bedding.
  • The terrain is rolling pine, piñon, cedar, and oak with some canyons and hay meadows. Elevation is 6,500 to 7,000 feet. Not steep or rough country.

2020 Hunt Dates:

  • Archery elk hunts are for 5 consecutive days, beginning September 1st and running through September 22nd.
  • Rifle elk hunts are for 5 consecutive days.
    • First Week Hunt is October 1-5.
    • Second Week Hunt is October 7-11.
    • Custom Hunts may be arranged. These are on private land in New Mexico, and are for 5 consecutive days. The dates to be arranged to fall between October 1st and December 31st.

2020 Hunt Prices:

  • Archery Hunts start at $8,000 (plus tax).
  • Rifle Hunts start at $8,000 (plus tax) for the first two Hunt Weeks.
  • Rifle Custom Hunts are priced upon request.
  • 2020 Non-Resident Hunting License Fee (paid to the State of New Mexico).
  • Hunters are responsible for their individual hunting licenses.