From Todd Vandivert :

When it came time for me to book our “elk hunt of a lifetime,” I did my homework; I called and emailed dozens of outfitters from Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. I asked for references, and even called a few game wardens for advice. When it came time to book the hunt, we chose Zane Streater with Streater Outdoors; which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My wife, a friend of ours, and I are all in (or rapidly approaching) our 60’s so the mild terrain and climate on Streater’s private ranches appealed to us. Upon our arrival to Las Vegas, New Mexico, we found the terrain wasn’t the only great thing about this hunting package. The food was outstanding, the country was beautiful, the guides were all top-notch knowledgeable professionals, and the elk were plentiful and plenty big.

Three days into the season, we had all three killed very respectable bulls, and only had to wait for the meat to be cut and wrapped (which Zane set up for us). Overall, this was the best hunt of our lives, and one I would highly recommend to anyone. You simply can’t go wrong with Streater Outdoors.

Please feel free to contact me ( if I can answer any questions about hunting with Streater Outdoors.

From Donald V. Braddock :

I have hunted with Streater Outdoors for two hunting seasons now. Before that I have hunted in Grand Mesa and White River National Forest, since the early 90’s. I have seen more elk in the two years hunting with Streaters, than I have seen in the 10 years hunting in Colorado. From the time I arrived, until the time I left, they made me feel like family. The lodging was excellent, and first class all the way. I could not of asked for a better guide service too. I hunted the Salmon Ranch, and had a 7×7 bull with in the first hour of the hunt, and saw 9 more bulls that morning. I highly recommend this hunt to anyone.

Had A Great Hunt!

From Larry Venable :

I have known Billy and Zane Streater since the early 80’s and have had the privilege to hunt with them on several occasions over the years. During this time I have learned their absolute dedication to those they serve. They posses a vast knowledge not only of the many areas they hunt, but of the game that inhabits these areas … a skill that can only be mastered through experience.

I have enjoyed the many successful hunts I have made with them, as well as those where I held out and came home empty handed. A truly magnificent elk hunt in New Mexico a couple of years ago where I never fired a shot is a prime example. The Streaters will always go out of their way to make a hunt as special as possible, from the delicious food to trophy care and everything in between. On his birthday in 1999 Billy guided me to my first bull elk on an aspen covered mountainside. I felt like it was my birthday. Zane and I were tent camping in the high country, looking for muzzle loader mule deer when the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Despite the obvious shock and concerns of the situation, when we came off the mountain a nice 4×4 came with us.

I plan to continue hunting with the Streaters every chance I get in the upcoming years. It’s an experience I highly recommend.

From Stephen L. Harless, M.D.:

I have hunted with many different guide services over the last 6-8 years and Streater Outdoors is by far the most professional and best guide service that I have used. Both Zane and Billy are excellent guides. They are very knowledgeable about the animals that they hunt and it was a very enjoyable hunt, both with the elk and antelope. I guess the best recommendation that I could give Streater Outdoors is the fact that I will continue to hunt with them in the future.

If you have any specific questions about them, please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to discuss the hunt with you.