We offer free range New Mexico archery and rifle hunt packages for Trophy elk.

All of our hunting is done on private ranches with guaranteed landowner permits.

No Lottery drawing is required.

We are hunting on the historic and beautiful Santa Fe Trail. There is a lot of history from wagon ruts going across the ranches, to many original buildings still standing from that era.

We have been operating for 23 years in this area providing many hunters the opportunity to harvest the bull of their dreams. We have had near 100% opportunity for our clients on mature big bulls, taking several that have qualified for Boone and Crockett.  Many bulls taken with archery equipment, have been entered into Pope and Young. Our elk have been averaging close to 300″ with mature 6×6 frames.

On our private land hunts we start hunting with a firearm on October 1. This is still during the active elk rut that most rifle hunters dream of hunting. Most state’s rifle season falls after the rut, but on private land in New Mexico, we get to start using a firearm a couple weeks before the hunts on public land start.

Archery elk hunts start in September and the elk are getting all worked up for the rut at this time. It can be a very exciting time to be in the field. The bulls are generally getting vocal and calling, so get ready for an adrenaline rush when one of these big bulls sound off close to you. We do a very limited amount of archery hunts, but have been very successful . We do some calling and spot and stalk hunting. Also we wait by some watering and wallowing areas.

Archery hunting is more of a challenge, but very rewarding when everything comes together and you take that big bull! The elk rut starts in early September in the area we hunt and continues through the 1st or 2nd week of October.

The elevation is around 6500 ft., not too steep or rough and very mild compared to most elk hunting in the West.

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Owner: Zane Streater